About brand

Who are we?

Natalia Lebedeva @natashaswann and Anna Demkina @anna_demckina.

All our life we are engaged in tailoring of clothes. First sewn for ourselves, and in 2010 opened a network of studios in Krasnodar @atelie_krasnodar. Now there are five studios in the network, located in residential areas of the city.

In 2015, a company was established to make textiles for restaurants @skaterti_restoran. Many restaurants in Krasnodar have our own textiles.

But we don't stop. The clothing brand "DemkinaLebedeva" is a new direction in our work. As, by virtue of a profession, we are capricious in a choice of clothes in shop it is difficult to pick up something to itself. Therefore we have decided to create such clothes which does you unique.

We have created a completely new generation of outerwear for modern girls who want from clothing and beauty and comfort. And we do not agree to sacrifice anything.

Our down coat is no longer sportswear. It's a basic piece of clothing that can be fitted into most wardrobe items. In terms of thermal qualities it is not inferior to a fur coat or an ordinary down coat, but looks like a coat or jacket.

All our down jackets are designed for temperatures from +10 to -30.

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